Bird Netting & Bird Control

Naylor Pest Control Inc. is a leader in humane nuisance wildlife removal, bird exclusion, and has been successfully eliminating wildlife conflicts in the GTA and surrounding areas for longer than nuisance wildlife has been considered a distinct industry.

Naylor Pest Control has both the knowledge and experience to effectively handle any wildlife need you may have, including birds, skunks, racoons, squirrels, bats, and more. We understand that nuisance animals make life difficult for you, whether they are invading your home, cottage or place of business. Our goal is to provide the best solutions that offer permanent results.

Our licensed and certified wildlife removal technicians offer a variety of services, and our work is guaranteed.
Proofing, sanitation, and remediation services are also available.

Commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential bird control is a specialty for Naylor Pest Control Inc.
Deterring birds through bird netting or other control methods is a task that requires extensive knowledge and preparation to utilize the most appropriate methods and tools to effectively eliminate your problem. Our trained and certified wildlife removal specialists will eliminate your pest bird issue, quickly and effectively.

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