Some Kind Words From Our Clients


Amazing customer service that is fast and friendly! I have used Naylor Pest Control multiple times and would never hesitate to call them again! I love having these local businesses that are reliable and customer focused.

Jaclyn Grossi

“Peace of Mind”

5 / 5

Couldn’t say anything better about Naylor Pest Control. Rob has a very professional yet personal approach which explains why this local, family run business has been successful for so many years. When another company told me that there was no way we had a squirrel issue, he was here to prove them wrong (and me right 😉. Rob quickly located the entry point and came back to install a one way door – out! I was very happy with the ethical approach. He wasn’t in a rush to get paid. His first priority was to be sure that our pest problem was resolved. This involved him coming back several times to check on the issue. Once even after I paid him. I highly recommend their services. Thank you Naylor for the peace of mind.

Jennifer Arbour


5 / 5

Rob was very knowledgeable and personable. He came on time, checked out our creature problem and was very helpful in giving us some solutions. Would definitely contact him again if we have any future problems.

Margaret Squires


5 / 5

Rob came by and assessed the situation and came back the next day to deal with the wasp’s. Rob answered all my questions and was very pleasant to do business with. So nice to be able to trust the job done right and I can now get on with my flower garden. Thank you!

Marilyn Simmonds


5 / 5

The absolute BEST pest control around! I swear I hate bugs and rodents with a passion and Rob is here quickly and takes great care of any issues! They are resolved fast, professionally and humanely. Highly recommend the spider spraying too! It works miracles!

Robyn Gibson